Thrive: A BIG DEAL Sale!! Save $$!


Big news on the horizon! Thrive just announced a big sale April 9-20…and it’s gonna be BIG! Starts on Thursday! All the Thrive Life products are going to be on sale and many of the Food Storage Rotation units (shelves) and emergency equipment, too!   You can look at all the sale items on my […]

Kitchen Tip: Onion Powder


Happy love month! What better to talk about for the month of love than ONION POWDER! I know, right?!? I ran out, the other day…like completely out. None in my cupboard, none on my handy pantry Home Store spice shelf…NONE. I must admit to a moment of panic….before I remembered that I had some Thrive […]

DIY Food: Buttermilk Wheat Pancake Mix


Hello! How is your January going? Exciting news today! My little site is TWO YEARS OLD! Can you believe it? Happy Blog-o-versary to me! Anywho…. Mix cooking is one of my favorite things. I can use ingredients I feel good about, have something prepped ahead of time, and get food on the table in a […]

Peace: Who is the Essential Homemaker???


Several months ago, during a horribly difficult time, one of my incredibly sweet and well-meaning friends paid me a compliment and said something about how I know how to do anything and have it all together….in the middle of this HUGE mental and emotional breakdown….and I thought…”oh my goodness, I’m a fraud!” I’m falling to […]

Thrive: January Specials


click to enlarge January is all about re-evaluating your health and making goals for the new year and Thrive is making it easy with their specials this month. Good for you Quinoa, fruits and veggies, and Instant Brown Rice. Since Quinoa is such a hot deal this month, here’s one of my favorite quinoa recipes: […]

Recipe: Homemade Pizza…Toppings, Toppings Galore


We’ve got you squared away with an amazing crust, and a delicious sauce…now you just need to know what to top your pizza with! Certainly you can go to the store and buy all the produce and meats and cheeses to do all of the things I’ll suggest, but consider how great life would be […]

Thrive December Specials: Bakery Line


click image to enlarge There are some fun specials on this month at Thrive! The Bakery Line is all on sale this month, and a special Holiday Baking Pack that makes a fantastic gift to put under the tree for just about anyone. In case you want some fun ideas for using the December Specials, […]

Recipe: Homemade Pizza Sauce & Seasoning Mix


This couldn’t be simpler….really. Mix a little of this, add it to a little of that, and you have yummy pizza sauce. Give it a try, and make some delicious homemade pizza with the great stuffed crust pizza recipe posted this week. This recipe uses Thrive Tomato Powder. I LOVE this product, in fact, so […]

Recipe: Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza


Wanna Save $$$ and Be on Santa’s Nice List??? Well, at least on your FAMILY’s nice list. This great pizza recipe will keep you from going out when the weather outside is frightful, and it tastes…well,  utterly delightful. Even better, you’ll know every single thing that goes into it, and will be happy to provide […]

Cyber Monday & Free Gift


Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend filled with family and friends, good food and good memories! We had a great time, and I even had some opportunities to experiment with Thrive foods, that I’m excited to tell you about in the coming weeks. The sale is winding down…there are only 14 […]

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