Recipe: Magnificent Stuffed Peppers


  I love not shopping….like, LOVE. It’s so nice to have a Home Store, where I buy and store stuff in advance to have on hand when I need it, thereby eliminating most emergency trips to the store. Such a stress reducer! This morning I went out into my garden and found eight beautifully ripe green bell […]

Recipe: Healthy Homemade Popsicles

Homemade popsicles at with no artificial colors or flavors!

Just a quick post today to share one of our family summer favorites…   The summer is winding down but there’s still plenty of requests for Popsicles at my house! My hubby tells me that one of the ways families and kids make some extra money in Peru is by making these Chupetes or popsicles, […]

Preserving: Drying Herbs


A few years ago I realized I needed to do something with my huge Oregano bush, so I started drying it and saving it. The coolest thing was realizing a year later that I hadn’t purchased any oregano from the store and had been using my OWN! This got me thinking this year….I want to […]

DIY Skin-Loving Deodorant


  Ya’ll know I love a good DIY, and I’m kinda a crunchy granola mamma, too. Early this year I decided that I wanted to try making my own deodorant. The aluminum and other ingredients in commercial antiperspirants are controversial and since my grandmother died recently from advanced Alzheimers, let’s just say if I could find […]

How To Find Balance In Your Life As A Busy Mom


I love the, so when they contacted me about whether or not I’d be interested in having them do some guest posts on my blog, I was thrilled. My role as a mom is the most important one in my journey as the essential homemaker, because everything I do is based on raising great people. […]

The Art of Time Management

Clock fleur de lis1

I struggle….I mean STRUGGLE with time management. There is so much going on….things that need doing, places I have to be, 1/2 a million kids with different stories that distract. As a person who is easily overwhelmed, organization and time management are critical to my productivity, and well, my general well being. But that doesn’t translate […]

Pinterest: My Most Popular Pins


I love Pinterest, don’t you? I know some people get intimidated by the sheer volume of info on Pinterest and the whole idea that one must “keep up with the Mrs. Joneses” of the world. Fortunately, I don’t fall into either category, so Pinterest and I have a close relationship. So close, in fact, that […]

DIY Food: Creamy Tomato Basil Soup


Don’t you love convenience? I really love convenience…. There is a certain canned soup company that was part of my cooking repertoire almost daily until a couple of years ago. Their condensed soups made cooking quick and easy. But once you start reading labels, there’s no going back, and I now make my cream of […]

Thrive: A BIG DEAL Sale!! Save $$!


Big news on the horizon! Thrive just announced a big sale April 9-20…and it’s gonna be BIG! Starts on Thursday! All the Thrive Life products are going to be on sale and many of the Food Storage Rotation units (shelves) and emergency equipment, too!   You can look at all the sale items on my […]

Kitchen Tip: Onion Powder


Happy love month! What better to talk about for the month of love than ONION POWDER! I know, right?!? I ran out, the other day…like completely out. None in my cupboard, none on my handy pantry Home Store spice shelf…NONE. I must admit to a moment of panic….before I remembered that I had some Thrive […]

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